Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So long George.

When the legacy of George Steinbrenner is decided many will credit him with the exorbatent spending of many ball clubs that has led to the current state of affairs that has his infield making more than the entire Kansas City Royals. Maybe you're right. What he should be remembered for is returning the Yankees to the mystique of being America's most hated team. After the legendary runs by teams from well the beginning of the MLB which ended after the heyday of players such as Mantle, Gehrig, Maris and Berra the Yankees were a team in limbo and subsequently baseball suffered. Don't get me wrong, teams were great but there was no Goliath to slay anymore. When he purchased the team in the 70's for a scant ten million dollars no one had any idea he would turn the team into the 1.5 billion dollar juggernaut it is today. So while you hear people yell it's no good for the Yankees to conduct business as they do just remember without them teams like the Marlins, Royals, and Pirates among others are possibly contracted. I'll end by saying that baseball will miss George, he was a true original and the last of the baseball men of yore.

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