Friday, July 9, 2010

Check it out!

Back when the Chocolate Puma was a mere Chocolate Cub he attended Kenwood Academy. While there I met a great young writer who I am proud to say is still my friend today and has just published his first book "Lincoln Stone-The Return Of The Grim Reaper."

"Hidden away by father for his own protection, Lincoln Stone was raised in a orphanage since an infant but for years he has been hiding a secret from everyone that he knows, he has developed super human abilities. Now he is embarking on a quest to find out where he comes from, but the answers he wanted soon come to find he in ways he never expected as he is thrown into the battle of good and evil to stop a being of incredible evil...his own mother."

An interesting read, so if the mood strikes you, you can purchase a copy of this soon to be runaway hit at:

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