Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little bit of truth

While yesterday was a great day, let me go ahead and say to the many who believe the line "now black men have no excuses." Was there an excuse before? I didn't need to see someone who looked like me to want to work hard and try and pursue a dream. If you look to others to push you to do something there's a problem with that line of thinking. I grew up in Mississippi where the only thing I was told for the most part is that your best shot at success will come from glory on the athletic fields. I didn't believe it then, and while yesterday was inspiring, possibly the most inspiring thing I have ever seen, it doesn't make me go "well, now I can finally come up with a dream." I had goals before Obama was president and I will after his term (terms?) have passed. Maybe it's just me, but I think if we hold ourselves, and in this case our young men apparently since we (meaning men) are the ills of society to some people, we will have more young men ascending to heights never before reached. When I was a kid, my mom and older sisters never looked at me and said go work on your jumper, although maybe they should have then I wouldn't embarrass teammates due to an inefficient jumper, but I digress. They implored me to do what I loved, and while I have yet to achieve the level of success I dream of, the dream is there and I strive toward it regardless of who the commander in chief happens to be.

Maybe this whole rant doesn't make any sense but the time to stop making excuses and change the hand you were dealt was a long time ago. And if some of us are just realizing that, I am truly a little saddened during this happy time.

I am the Chocolate Puma and I approve this message.

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carol said...

mmm good post! and it made complete sense.