Wednesday, March 1, 2017

9 Years of Excellence!

On February 27, 2008 I posted a blog post in my newly christened blog where I called out the hypocrisy of Natalie Cole criticizing Amy Winehouse. Nine years later I’m still typing away, sometimes angrily, sometimes happily, but all the time I’m just being me. Who would have thought that a decade ago when the moniker of the Chocolate Puma was bestowed upon me by my good friend Kevin that 1. I’d still be going by that and 2. I’d have a blog by the same name for 9 of those years. It is in this spirit that I present to you the 9 of my most random thoughts at the current moment given that this was the initial goal when I started this, a place for my random thoughts. 

9.  Given the uncertain times, and just straight up fuckery in which we are constantly being inundated with, seeing the good people of Moonlight win was a moment that completely warmed my soul. And of course the petty part of me loved seeing the Oscar ripped away from La La Land which was wildly hilarious.
He had a black ass year.
8. I know many people are not a fan of the trade that sent Boogie Cousins to Sacramento but I love it. I think that this makes New Orleans a wildly attractive landing spot for free agents.
Teaming with Anthony Davis, together they are averaging a combine 58 points per game and this is only after 3 games. Give them time and Alvin Gentry could have a formidable team in the West soon. They’ll at least be wildly entertaining.

7.  I’m seeing a ton of hot takes after Casey Affleck won the Oscar for best actor. Some of the more trash takes center around Nate Parker getting snubbed come award season. Some are even going as far as to blame black feminists for the snub, and asking where the outrage over Affleck was. Look, if you’re arguing that Nate Parker should have gotten shine because Affleck did, you’re an asshole. You should want the same thing to happen to Affleck and not access to the right to be a predator. 

6. Donald Trump can’t properly tie his tie and he orders a dry aged steak well done with ketchup on it. That’s ya’ll man.

5. There are very few things on the planet earth that O hate more than shitty acoustic covers of hip-hop songs. I heard some guitar strumming moron covering Kendric Lamar's 'King Kunta.' It made me so angry I almost drove to a Guitar Center and slapped the first person I saw buying a guitar.
These songs stand on their own, you're not doing it favor by slowing it down and adding a your wailing over a slow strumming of your guitar. Leave hip-hop alone.

4. Anyone who has read me for any amount of time will tell you I am a nerd of the highest order. I long have abandoned going out in order to watch documentaries or crime shows. If there is anything I can recommend to you from the depths of my nerdy ass soul, is to get into the Star Wars Darth Vader comics and do it right damn now.
I don't even care if you don't like comic books, go buy the damn book and revel in the bad assness of one Darth Jerome Vader.

3. For the first time in recent history I wasn't asked the dumb ass question that every black person gets asked in February. "Why is there a black history month? How come there's no white history month?" A quick google search could really help you out. There are numerous months dedicated to the history of ell everyone. If you are too lazy to google then keep your dumb ass question to yourself. It's not my job to educate you.

2. Wrestling fans, do yourself a favor, look up the work that Cody Rhodes is doing particularly in New Japan and Ring of Honor. His "American Nightmare" character is just a work of art and plays on the moniker of the "American Dream" that his father Dusty Rhodes portrayed for years. If he WWE is smart, they'll beg him to come back, put him in the main event where he should have been and continue his masterful work as the American Nightmare.

And last but not least...
1. We are closing in the time when the home of the Chocolate Puma will be welcoming in the Chocolate Cub. I'm consistently racked with anxiety, fear, and excitement. Do I have any idea what I am doing now or will I then? Not at all. But my excitement and eagerness to give this kid all I got and more shall make this an amazing time. Also it doesn't hurt when your wife is smarter than you. 

Alright take it easy peeps.

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