Thursday, June 2, 2016

NBA Finals Predictions

Ah it’s the most magical time of the year. The NBA Draft is fast approaching (Don’t worry, you’ll have your mock drafts soon) and the probable palate cleanser to the basketball buffet that was the Western Conference finals is amongst us. Well no need to fear my faithful followers I will give you the prognostication that you all came here for and deserve, no the prognostication that you all NEED. 

Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Point Guard:
Kyrie Irving, despite my assertion that he can be a touch overrated; he is one of the best scoring point guards in the league and usually the best point guard on the floor. Usually he’s the best point guard on the floor. He is going against the reigning, defending and unanimous MVP.
Not only that but he is backed up by Mo Williams and Matthew Dellavadova while Curry is being backed up by the ageless Leandro Barbosa who is still hitting ridiculous shots in the year of our Lord 2016 and Shaun Livingston. 

Advantage: Golden State

Shooting Guard:
Cleveland has one of the best yet streakiest shooters in the league in JR Smith and Iman Shumpert’s immaculate high top. Golden State will be countering with the 2nd best shooter on the planet right now. I don’t care how good Shump’s defense I, doesn’t really matter when Klay Thompson is pulling up from five feet from behind the three point line.

Advantage: Golden State

Small Forward:
Golden State starts Harrison Barnes and brings last year’s Finals MVP Andre Iguodala off the bench. That’s always gotta be an advantage right? Well not when Cleveland is going to with the cyborg from the future sent to play basketball LeBron James. 
I hate his guts, but all will be forgiven if he comes to Chicago
He is so good, and is playing so well right now that he singlehandedly gives the edge to Cleveland. Hell last year with Dellavadova, Tristan Thompson and a frigid JR Smith he took the Warriors to 6. I don’t like LeBron (Because he doesn’t play for my team) but I respect the hell out of the man.

Advantage: Cleveland

Power Forward:
Kevin Love after being out last year’s Finals is having kind of an up and down playoffs so far. Meanwhile the Warriors’ Draymond Green appears to have a problem not kicking people in the junk.
Right in the kiwis.
So I’ll call this a draw. Backing those up will be Channing Frye, a pretty good shooter for a big man, and Mareese Speights, a pretty good shooter for a big man. I’m gonna chalk this one up as a draw.

Advantage: Draw

Cleveland will send out Tristan Thompson who I have joked about in the past as looking like Michael B. Jordan if he got hit in the face with a sack of hot pennies plays some pretty damn good defense. Meanwhile his counterpart is Andrew Bogut who plays some pretty damn good defense. On top of that he is a pretty good passer and doesn’t look lost when you pass him the ball which Thompson can’t say. Timofey Mozgov is a solid player defensively but has a penchant for getting dunked on. 
Never forget.
Meanwhile Festus Ezeli isn’t get dunked on but really can’t be depended on for being more than a good defensive energy guy off the bench. Still it’s enough to sway me.

Advantage:  Golden State

Tyronn Lue has been a revelation with the Cavs. He seems to not only have the respect of the players but in game he has steadily evolved into a coach I would want to lead my beloved Bulls, very high praise. He is matching wits however with the current coach of the year and member of the Popovich coaching tree, Steve Kerr. The Warriors won 73 games and although Luke Walton coached half the season they didn’t lose a beat when he returned. He plays diverse lineups and adapts well to in game situations. It certainly helps that Steph and Klay are pulling up from 10 feet behind the three  point line and drilling shots.

Advantage: Golden State

 Well given how I have scored the position battles I think you can venture a guess as to how I am predicting this series to play out. I think it will be competitive but it will never be in doubt. Warriors take the title and complete the dream season in 6 games.

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