Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NBA Playoffs Observations and Ramblings

After the extreme heartbreak of the Bulls season I have finally come to a place where I can talk about basketball and I am ready to give you what you have been craving. That’s right, my unsolicited opinion on the goings ons of people younger and more athletically talented than I am.

·         My goodness, Derrick Rose just appeared to be cursed this season. Nagging injuries slowing him down all year and the cherry on top of this crap Sunday was the tearing of his ACL. He’s a good kid and still a franchise player. I’ll admit when he went down the first name that came to mind was Penny Hardaway. Hopefully he doesn’t rush back and can come back healthy and not a cautionary tale for another generation.

·          I think I have to defend Lebron. See people think every time he has to take the last shot. He would if he had that Jordan mentality. Ever since he came into the league I have said he is more Magic than Jordan. More willing to pass to the open man than to be the guy who has to take the last shot. That said Lebron is still a douche.

·          Also Dwayne Wade has on the low become the dirtiest player in the league.


          And did anybody else find it ironic that Wade was complaining about the Pacers celebrating? Really? Remember this Wade? 

·            Nobody talking about the Spurs yet? Ok. Just what Pop wanted.

·            Vinny Del Negro is an awful basketball coach. As of right now all he does is look at Chris Paul and say “Chris…uh…” then Chris Paul gets angry and takes over. He’s not even needed. 

·             Also what happened to Kendrick Perkins? That Blake Griffin dunk destroyed his soul.

  Alright gang, that’s all I got for now, but expect more as the playoffs continue and of course my annual Mock Draft.

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