Thursday, April 19, 2012

Randomness Has Returned!

Oh goodness, it has been a while since I sat down and blogged for the delight of the tens of people whom I pester on a daily basis. Well gang buck up, your fearless leader (not counting clowns) is back and ready to give you all what you crave. Random, rambling and at time incoherent observations of random things! Here we go kids:

•The NCAA may be my favorite hypocrites on the face of the planet. After securing a contract that will net them billions of dollars off of college basketball alone the faux outrage over Kentucky winning the National Championship with players who were “one and done” is laughable. So let me get this straight, they play by your rules, make you money, but when they leave to make money for themselves then the integrity of the game is being threatened? Save that please. And for the record this is the first and only team with freshmen and sophomores mostly to win a national title. Calm the hell down.

•While I am on the subject of the NCAA, how about we tell Bo Ryan to calm the fuck down as well. I usually like Bo Ryan, even though his teams are boring as watching paint dry there is no denying on an x and o level this guy can coach with the best of them. But he’s dead wrong on this one. See he has blocked the transfer of a student athlete to over 25 schools. What makes this so funny is nobody blocked his decision when he skipped out after UW-Whitewater after 2 seasons not fulfilling his commitment. Just saying.

Go to a school where you're happy? Nah.

•John Mulaney is a funny mofo. Also just saying.

•So Kim Kardashian wants to be mayor of Gelendale, California eh? Well I mean no other candidate has the experience she has. How many other candidates can say they blew a failed R&B singer on tape?

•I find it funny some conservative groups are attacking Barack Obama because as a child he ate dog meat. Uh as children we eat some messed up stuff. Worms, glue, basically anything but food. Also how is that worse than an adult Mitt Romney tying a dog to the roof of his car?

•Ted Nugent is an assface. That is all.

•Also I caught a lot of flack for putting Iman Shumpert and Kenneth Faried in my top five rookies before the season began. Never doubt the Puma is all I have to say.
Well that’s all I got for now, until next time this is your hero, signing off.

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