Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Not Your Fault Tim...It's Not Your Fault...

Boy I never thought I would be doing this but I owe Tim Tebow an apology. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t for the jokes I have lobbed his way or my assertion that he is a mediocre quarterback. I owe him an apology because he is not the one making these assertions. He is an unwitting pawn in ESPN and the media’s attempt at garnering more ratings by appealing to people that just like athletes for their personalities or what they stand for off the field more than what they do on the field.

You see this change of heart has come from ESPN airing an hour of strictly Tim Tebow related material. Even got twitter in on it by creating the hastag #SCTebow. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

In one hour of programming these fools made 160 references to him. Because in a week with the National Title game, Heat-Clippers, Floyd Mayweather calling out Pacquaio and of course all of the other NFL playoff games what we really need is a full hour dedicated to a quarterback who in 2 seasons plus the playoffs has an overall record of 9-6. And again this is not Tim Tebow’s fault.

My problem with this type of journalism is that this has happened before. Let me remind you, remember OJ Simpson? He was as cuddly as a teddy bear . 25 years ago there was no way you would have seen him as a murderer. How about Tiger Woods? Ten years ago no way we would have thought he was slaying every skank in five mile radius. And how about Joe Paterno? Last year we KNEW he was the beacon of morality in the world of college athletics. Now he sits in exile from the sports community after the biggest sex abuse scandal in college sports happened under his watch.

So while I hope Timmy is a good kid, do we know him? No. We are not in his head or even in his household. So how about we acknowledge that he appears to be a good person and don’t wish ill on him. But all of this canonizing of St. Tebow? Yet it has to stop both on and off the field.

He has had a good run, but let’s be real. He has played 15 games total in his career. Let’s not induct him into Canton just yet.


Unknown said...

Although Tebow has a way to go before he's inducted to the Hall of Fame, I think way too many people are dismissive of his accomplishments. The coaching staff wants him to learn the position, but each year, they've been forced to start him because of Kyle Orton's poor play. That he played better this year, his 2nd season, than last year, AND got Denver into the playoffs, and played well enough to win his first playoff game, is just another page in what has been a very blessed football career, from high school to the pros. He is going to make mistakes, some tragic, some not so much. But, he deserves a break. I can name a few QBs (Carson Palmer, for instance) who failed to get the job done this year.

The Chocolate Puma said...

No disrespect to Tebow, but honestly what other quarterback in recent history has been given the opportunities he has. In his first start against the Dolphins he played awful for 58 minutes. Any other qb would have gotten pulled. Also in Orton starts the defense gave up 32 points a night, in Tebow starts they gave up 16 points a game.The defense this season has been the main reason for their success. He made the plays he needs to, props to him, but hour long specials and talks of Pro Bowls? Be real.