Thursday, April 28, 2011

Draft Bust Extravaganza!

So I was having a conversation with the roommate the other regarding quarterbacks who ended up as draft busts which got me thinking about who the biggest busts were of the past five years. But going through those drafts, checking stats and taking into account health and coaching changes proved to be more work than I cared to do at that current moment. So I have decided to take the glamor positions and name the top three busts from those positions.

3. Matt Leinhart (# 10 overall, 2006 draft)
The consummate winner in college, once he got to the pros however…not so much. You can argue with the fact he didn’t get a real shot there, that he had injury problems. You can’t argue with the fact he was released and there had to be a reason more teammates didn’t fight for him.

2. Brady Quinn (# 21 overall, 2007 draft)
Maybe not the biggest winner in college but his senior year he flourished under Charlie Weiss and rocketed up draft charts. While he slipped on draft day the expectations to be what Aaron Rodgers has become today were all over the place. Too bad his inaccurate throws to mediocre receivers didn’t look as good in Cleveland as they did against teams like Bowling Green.

1. Jamarcus Russell (#1 overall, 2007 draft)
Do I need to even explain this one? Lazy, bloated and unmovable. And that just describes his contract.

Running Back:
3. Felix Jones ( #22 Overall, 2008 draft)
Darren Mcfadden’s backfield mate at the university of Arkansas was supposed to revitalize a stagnant Cowboys running game. He currently sits at number 3 on the depth chart behind Tashard Choice and Marion Barber and is rarely healthy enough to make an impact.

2. Donald Brown (#27 overall, 2009 draft)
This pick was going to extend the career of Peyton Manning as it would bring more balance to the Colt’s offense. Peyton slings the ball more now than at any point in his career. Just sayin’

1. Cadillac Williams (#5 overall, 2005 draft)
It pains me to call him a bust as he has been one of my favorite players since his days of ripping up my beloved Mississippi State as a member of the Auburn Tigers. Great speed but tough enough to go between the tackles the Cadillac has been stalled by injuries that have left him a shell of himself.

Wide Receiver:
3. Troy Williamson (# 7 overall, 2005 draft)
Next Randy Moss? More like next David Terrell.

2. Ted Ginn, Jr (#9 overall, 2007 draft)
A dynamic kick returner whose dazzling speed overshadowed his mediocre ability to get off the line against the press and tendency to drop passes. Still though if he was say a 4th round pick he would have been a steal.

1. Matt Jones (#21 overall, 2005 draft)
A freakish athlete with no focus. The talent was there but the drive was not. He appeared to be more worried about scoring coke than he was about touchdowns.

Defensive Backs:
3. Tye Hill (#15 overall, 2006 draft)
Injuries. That’s why he is on the list. Back to back seasons ending on the injured reserve essentially robbed him of the speed and athleticism needed to play corner.

2. Carlos Rogers (#9 overall, 2005 draft)
A flash in the pan season at Auburn and a great workout at the combine actually had people thinking he was the next great shut down corner in the vein of Rod Woodson or Darrell Green. He was not.

1. Adam “Pac-Man” Jones (#6 overall, 2005 draft)
Outside of Antrelle Rolle and Dominique Foxworth this draft was awful for corners. No one epitomized this more than Pac-Man, here is a guy who is the top bust not due to talent or injuries but off the field troubles. If he had an ounce of common sense the kid could have been Deion Sanders 2.0.

Well there you have it, some of the most heart breaking and disappointing players out there. Now allow me to present some steals of the past five drafts. Feel free to leave more if you care.
QB- Matt Cassell (2005 draft, #230 overall)
RB- Lagarette Blount (2010 draft, undrafted)
WR- Miles Austin (2006 draft undrafted)
WR- Marques Colston (2006 draft, #252)
DB- Jim Leonhard (2005 draft, undrafted)
DB- DJ Moore (2009 draft, #119)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday to you and your families and a Happy Easter too from the Chocolate Puma and some random children from my family!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

You know you my favorite right?

Not too many ballers can operate two phones at the same time!

This may be what some would describe as a bittersweet post. I have written numerous times about my beloved aunt whom anyone who knew her called PJ. Well two weeks ago my aunt who had fought so hard for so long lost her battle with cancer. For over 15 years it was a back and forth battle but finally she could take no more. In a situation like this the first emotion one automatically goes to is sadness, but not me.

Don’t get me wrong, losing PJ may be the single saddest moment of my life. She was a person who was always there for me with a sarcastic quip and reassuring phrases. More than anything the strength and dignity that she showed throughout her life, how she fought her battle, ultimately how she handled her impending mortality makes me so proud to have had someone as heroic as her in my life. She endured much pain and much mental anguish every trip to the doctor and she was always more concerned with how you were doing. No matter what trivial thing I was complaining about she had more on her shoulders than anyone in my life and yet she was still more concerned with how I could solve my measly issues. That is who she was. She was selfless. She was kind.

I find myself many times thinking back to the last time we spoke. It was Monday after she was admitted into the hospital. She looked frail, her eyes yellow, but her smile still lit up the room. She joked that her getting sick was all a part of her plan to get me to visit more. We laughed, and told each other a few more jokes and when the time for me to go had come I told her I loved her and she said the same. As I reached the door she called my name and as she said to me what she said to all of us as a running joke. “You know you my favorite right? Just don’t tell the others.” And she gave a wink and a smile.

I think of her every day, her jokes her smile and always expect a call from her every Tuesday which is when we used to talk. So this post is dedicated to you PJ, you were many things to many people. A mother, a grandmother, usher at church, and friend to many. But to me you were so much more, you were my PJ.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Here we go again...

I like Ashley Judd, really I do. I respect her work as an actress, her love of college basketball and all of her humanitarian works. I truly believe she is a good person. I also believe her statements on hip-hop are completely wrong and off-base. If you haven’t heard by now in her new book she claims “most rap and hip-hop music – with its rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as 'ho’s' – is the contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.” I can’t sit here and pretend that some of the rap lyrics out there are in fact misogynistic and in some cases just downright disgusting. To paint all of hip hop as that however is just downright foolish.

Ms. Judd has starred as a woman who lies to police to hide her husband’s illegal activities (Heat), a promiscuous police detective (Twisted), and as a drug and alcohol addicted criminal (Normal Life). Now just from these selected roles she has chosen I could say that all actresses are all slutty, devoid of morals and have no respect for the law. Is that true? Maybe in a few isolated cases but surely not most actresses, that’s recognizing that in any group there are some that make the entire group look bad. See what I did there?

This reminds me of a statement by Jay-Z in his book Decoded:
“It’s all white noise to them till they hear a ‘bitch’ or a ‘nigga’ and then they run off yelling ‘See!’ and feel vindicated in their narrow conception of what the music is all about. But that would be like listening to Maya Angelou and ignoring everything until you heard her drop a line about drinking or sleeping with someone’s husband and then dismissing her as an alcoholic adulterer.”

Some of the people I have talked with on this give Ms. Judd a pass due to the fact she was a victim of sexual abuse. The news of that truly saddens me, no one deserves to go through that, but her cowardly attackers probably weren’t listening to Whodini, they weren’t inspired by the works of DJ Kool Herc, they were sick and twisted individuals.

I would ask Ms. Judd to take the time to actually learn about hip-hop before she makes broad statements. I have listened to hip-hop music all my life and have been deeply affected by its culture. It’s rich, diverse, and highly rewarding to those that give it a chance. If you don’t like the music, the style of dress or any other part of hip-hop that’s fine, respect the culture though. It’s just common decency.
P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg didn’t start misogynism in music. Have they capitalized on it? You bet. But how come artists like the Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash among others get respect yet when talks of disrespect in music begin it’s always “rap this, rap that.” There is a cause of misogynism, but it’s not hip-hop. I’ll end with a few artists Ms. Judd may want to listen to, they may change her tune.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Twin Sister

Congratulations are in order for my little baby twin sister. You see the yin to my yang got a promotion at her job and I felt this was the time to do what any loving brother would an embarrassing photo!

I love you Toy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bulls Win Again

Congrats are in order to two integral members of the Chicago Bulls past success.

Tex Winter the creator of the Triangle Offense which the Bulls used to wreak havoc on the NBA in the 90s and the Worm himself, Dennis Rodman, arguably the greatest rebounder of all time were both inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.