Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Heisman Rankings

Well folks here we are again, week 2 of my Heisman rankings. The college football season has already shown us many legitimate contenders for the highest individual prize in all of collegiate athletics. The top three remains the same although there may be some flip flopping amongst the top 3.

3.Kellen Moore: QB- Boise State
Season Stats: 83-of-105 passing for 995 yards, 12 TDs and two INTs.
The consistent signal caller didn’t wow the Chocolate Puma this week, but he didn’t have to. With a 279 yard and 4 touchdown game last week he certainly is positioning himself to be in the thick of things come Heisman time.

2.Robert Griffin III: QB- Baylor
Season Stats: 70-of-82 passing for 962 yards and 13 TDs; 24 rushes for 167 yards and one TD; one reception for 15 yards.
This guy has more touchdown passes than incomplete passes. Think about that. Add in his ability to run the ball as well and you have just the kind of exciting player the Puma loves to see.

1.Marcus Lattimore: HB-South Carolina
Season Stats: 107 rushes for 611 yards and eight TDs; 12 receptions for 139 yards and one TD.
Got off to a rough start on the ground so what does Mr. Lattimore do? Add the receiving game to his repertoire finishing with 73 yards on 3 receptions to go with the 77 yards he picked up on the ground. Mr. Lattimore is a bad, bad man ladies and gentlemen.

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