Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stevie Williams... Come on dawg.

I am usually one to say “hey you can say whatever you want to say.” But I am going to break my own rule and issue this statement: Stevie Williams, please have a nice tall glass of shut the hell up. If you are not caught up on the exciting world of caddie interviews allow me to alert you to the downright moronic statement he received after ADAM SCOTT won a tourney.

“I've been caddying for 33 years and I've never had a bigger win.”
Really Stevie? You have never had a bigger win? Allow me to drop a little truth bomb for you sir. You are not the golfer, you didn’t hit one shot, sink one putt. You carried the bags. Adam Scott was the person who won. And then this, as Bomani Jones would say, sucker goes on to make slight jabs at Tiger Woods, the man who made him famous. Let’s get this straight Stevie, the only person who Tiger Woods owes an apology to is named Elin. That’s it. You were fired, caddies get fired all the time. Thanks to Tiger you were able to live a very comfortable lifestyle for over a decade. Have a little class and move on. In case you hadn’t noticed Tiger has had to make some changes in his life, unfortunately you are still close to his now ex-wife. How is he supposed to make a fresh start when a big part of his past is right there?

But enough being logical, this is about Stevie Williams making himself to be a victim when he as benefited professionally and financially, stealing attention from the man who deserved it, Mr. Adam Scott. So do us all a favor Stevie, just carry the damn bags.

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