Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Preview

Anybody who knows me will let you know that if there is one thing that makes me happier than bacon is possibly the NBA draft. Given this I have decided to do what the rest of you with lives would not do as you have more important things to do, watch hours of video and grainy youtube clips on numerous prospects and will now give you the entire draft lottery as well as some of the more interesting prospects in the draft will go.

1.Cleveland Cavaliers- Kyrie Irving: PG
I think he’s a talented player, but to be number one pick with a little more than a handful of games under his belt is a tad bit ridiculous.

2.Minnesota Timberwolves- Derrick Williams: SF
While he may be the most talented player in the draft I don’t think he fits in Minnesota. That said no player has a higher ceiling in this entire draft and you just can’t pass him up.

3.Utah Jazz- Brandon Knight: PG
This is the best point guard in this draft to me. He had his ups and downs but showed a mental capacity that no other player in the draft exhibited. Dealing with the high expectations, the slow start and helping push the wildcats to the brink of a final four showed me more than Irving’s 8 or so games.

4.Cleveland Cavaliers- Enes Kanter: C
I’ve seen his highlight from the Nike Summit last year. He had a good tourney, I get it. But this guy just reeks of Darko 2.0. I am not very impressed by his game.

5.Toronto Raptors- Jonas Valanciunas: C
This guy will be the Raptors next European mistake. Bryan Colangelo…come on buddy!

6.Washington Wizards- Jan Vesely: SF
The Wizards find the best Euro wing prospect since Andrei Kirilenko. He’s a slasher with a long wingspan and a perfect complement to speed demon John Wall.

7.Sacramento Kings- Kemba Walker: PG
Listed as a point guard but be real, in the Kings offense Tyreke Evans would do the bulk of the ball handling allowing Walker to run off screens and show off that shot. The Spurs in the mix to trade Tony Parker for Omri Casspi and this pick as well.

8.Detroit Pistons- Kawhi Leonard: SF
Possibly the rookie not named Derrick Williams that can come in and play and contribute immediately. Has great ball handling skills, rebounds very well, and plays with a lot of energy. Only downside he doesn’t do one thing particularly well.

9.Charlotte Bobcats- Tristan Thompson: PF
This lefty with good speed and deceptive athleticism should be able to come in and play a role similar to that of Tyrus Thomas last season. While he doesn’t have the upside Thomas had coming out the raw potential and basketball IQ certainly insure he will at least be a contributer on this team.

10.Milwaukee Bucks- Alec Burks: SG
Arguably the top 2-guard in the draft Burks can step right in where Michael Redd will not be next season and team with Brandon Jennings and form a nice backcourt for years to come.

11.Golden State- Klay Thompson: SG
If the top 2-guard in the draft isn’t Burks then it is definitely the third year player from Washington State whose game and maturity remind me of another guard from the Pacific Northwest in Brandon Roy. Good size, able to create off the dribble and one of the top shooters in the draft certainly will help Coach Mark Jackson in his first season.

12.Utah Jazz- Marcus Morris: SF/PF
Passing on the consensus best big man with their first pick they grab the power forward from Kansas with their second pick of the round. He’s a versatile forward who can face the basket and play in the post.

13.Phoenix Suns- Chris Singelton: SF
One of the elite defenders in this draft, and the Suns have to seriously wonder who will guard the other team’s best perimeter player once Grant Hill decides to retire and Singelton may be the guy who is able to do so. Limited offensively but something tells me the Suns won’t be struggling for points.

14.Houston Rockets- Bismack Biyombo: PF/C
Some scouts see Serge Ibaka when they look at this kid, I however see a kid who will block some shots but will ultimately team with Hasheem Thabeet to form the most useless frontcourt in NBA history.

Now will I be right? Only time will tell but if past years are any indication…no I will not be right and Biyombo will be the most dominant rookie in league history.

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