Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NCAA...Still A Bunch of Hypocrites

I have said it numerous times to anyone who will listen to me. The NCAA is filled with hypocrites and it is almost equal to unfair working conditions of a sweatshop to be honest with you. The latest example of how the NCAA is just a massive joke is the “suspension” of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.

Allow me to give a little background into this situation. A few months ago it was revealed that several starters from the Ohio State football team sold some of their jersey, championship rings and trophies in exchange for tattoos. Now allow me to say that according to the rules the players were wrong, they deserved to be punished but the university’s methods seemed odd. You see if Ohio State had a financial reason to let these guys play because if they won they would receive a payout from the Sugar Bowl. So Tressel decides to make them promise to come back for another year forgoing millions of dollars if they wanted to play that game and would be suspended the first 5 games of the 2011 season.

Flash forward to yesterday when it was revealed that before the season even began the good old vest wearing coach knew of everything that happened and didn’t do a thing about it until 9 months later, AFTER the season was over. How is Tressel being punished? He’ll miss two games against the world beaters Toledo and Akron which went a combined 9-16 last season. So let me get this straight, a coach is complicit in the cover up of NCAA infractions and gets a slap on the wrist? If you can explain to me how a coach who covers up something that directly affects his 3 plus million dollar salary is worse than some dudes selling things the spoils of their victory I’ll give you control of this blog for a month.

This is just the latest in line of downright idiotic decisions by the NCAA, from suspending A.J. Green for selling his jersey to effectively ending Dez Bryant’s career over lunch with Deion Sanders. While these young men see their jerseys and likenesses used to sell video games and posters, greedy athletic directors and coaches are reaping the benefits. Not every member of the coaching or AD fraternity is evil, but enough are that makes the need for a rehaul of the system more necessary.

I’ll end by saying what I always say when this topic comes up, if you believe that a full academic scholarship is payment enough you are insane. You can’t compensate these kids with something worth $30,000 when they are bringing in BILLIONS of dollars. That my dear reader is damn near slave wages.

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