Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ramblings...Enjoy them!

So much to talk about, so little of it actually matters in the real world, well here we go.

·In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Megan Fox stated she has only had two sex partners. Good to know, that one was keeping me awake at night.

·Jim Bunning is someone who I think I may refer to as a mega douche. I get standing up for what you believe in, I do. But to be so flippant about something that affects so many Americans is unacceptable and frankly downright insulting. This guy used the phrase “tough shit” when asked about stopping the filibuster and complained about missing the University of Kentucky vs South Carolina game.

·So Sarah Palin is a comedian now? And here I was thinking to myself how could she become a bigger joke?

·Now the tumors on the ass of American decency known as the cast of Jersey Shore are in a series of clips acting out scenes from Oscar nominated films. All right Hollywood, you proved your point. Make this stop. If I see their over tanned, no talent having orange faces one more time I will punch a baby.

·Ronald Reagan on the 50-dollar bill? Really? No disrespect to Reagan, but does everything have to be named after him? He has numerous expressways, libraries and an international airport named after him. I think he’s been honored. And to Rep. McHenry who says this generation needs its own heroes does that mean all other bills are up for grabs?

·Dear Peta, naked celebrities are not going to stop me from eating eat or wearing clothes made from the hides of animals. Try a new tactic. Signed, a guy who is sick of the same ad over and over.

That's all for today, I leave you with this:

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