Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guess who's back...

Ladies an gentlemen, I have urgent news to report...The Chocolate Puma is back and is angrier and more sarcastic than ever.

The first topic, the shameful campaign tactics used by John McCain and his camp.

Really? So Barack Obama, the Harvard alum, community activist, and senator is on the same level as Paris Hilton who never graduated high school and Britney Spears who has made more news recently for not wearing underwear? Are you serious? Are you fucking kidding me? This whole campaign is just sickening. This is not the McCain of '08, the rogue senator who went across party lines to do what he thought was right. This version will do anything to gain the vote of conservative republicans. If elected I am afraid he will just be Geroge W. 2.0 (the older version). Well, I guess that's acceptable, as long as he doesn't have a funny sounding name.

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