Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Real Rant.

I was reading a recent story on a young man who was just drafted by the Buffalo Bills. I figured I would not have anything in common with this young man. Not to say he was a bad guy or something, but he's a 6'6 300 pound football player and I'm 5'9 and 150 soaking wet. But as I read on, I found out that like me, this young man grew up without a father in his life. And just like me his father wasn't ill or had extenuating circumstances leading to his absence. No, they just weren't there. What makes this story interesting is that the father of Bell is NBA All Pro, Karl Malone. And the sad thing is that Bell is not the only out of wedlock for Malone that he didn't take care of. There were Cheryl and Daryl Ford who also grew up without Malone in their lives until they were essentially adults. I too know the pain of having an absentee father try to reappear. I did not know my father was even alive until 16, did not hear his voice until I was 21, and his face, well you get the drift. The point of this whole thing is that, people like me and Demetrius Bell, we have such strong personalties, that we thrive off the snub of a parent. It is what drives us to be the best men we can be. To Demetrius Bell, I wish you all the best. And to people like Karl Malone and my father....kiss my chocolatey ass.

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