Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hypocrites are funny

Quote of the day:

"How many of you have never waited tables in your life? Eh, yeah, well you people are assholes. Everyone should be forced to wait tables for one year just so they can realize their ranch dressing isn't that fucking important. I don't care if you need it for your french fries."

-Daniel Tosh

So lately I have noticed an extremely high number of hypocrites on tv. The most notable being Natalie Cole. Now Natalie Cole jumps upon her high horse and slams Amy Winehouse and the Grammy committee for her behavior and still winning the grammys she was nominated for, saying it was sending a bad message to the children. I'd have no problem with hat statement if she had been Sally Sobriety. But look at what I found thanks to the good people at Wikipedia:

"In 2000, Cole released an autobiography, Angel on My Shoulder, which described her battle with drugs during much of her life.

  • In the book, Cole admitted to using LSD, heroin and crack cocaine.
  • Cole said she began recreational drug use while attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
  • She also disclosed that she was arrested in Toronto, Canada for possession of heroin in 1975.
  • Cole continued to spiral out of control - including one incident where she refused to evacuate a burning building, and another where her young son Robert nearly drowned in the family swimming pool while she and her first husband, the late Reverend Marvin Yancy, were on a drug binge. She did eventually enter rehab in 1983.

Oh boy, don't that just beat all. But there is more, Ms. Cole looks even more hypocritical, because during the height of her drug abuse, did she win some grammys? Survey says...

1976Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female
1975Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female
1975Best New Artist Of The Year

So I want you all to join me in a big screw you to Natalie Cole, my hypocritical asshole of the month.